Understanding the advertisement

Task: Choose an ad and consider what themes it makes use of and how it makes use of the typical conventions of advertisements, as we examined in class. OR Choose an ad and explore what brand values it reinforces and how it succeeds in doing so.

1. Android 

2. Coldplay’s GoT: The Musical

3. Clash of Clans

4. Delta

5. Kenneth Cole

6. Axe

7. Jonny Walker

8. Save the Children


Why would you read / watch that?

Task: Choose one of the texts below and use McQuail’s Uses and Gratifications theory to map out what audiences might be gaining out of them. Make sure you mention which text you’ve chosen in your response. 

  1. 18 Fabulous Reasons Regina George Is Perfect The Role Model

  2. Western Pacific braces for possible tsunami after Chile earthquakeguardian

  3. Honest Trailers: Furious 7
  4. Standing Up for Herself and Starting Over: Sienna Miller Enters a Whole New Phase

Blog Friday

AS blog fridayChoose one of the two advertisements and answer the question linked with it. Or challenge yourself and choose one of the four movie clips along with the question associated with it. Before pressing the final “comment” button, review your answer and look for description; if some of your points are simply describing what you’re seeing, it means you’re not deconstructing it enough. Ask yourself why and how you reached that conclusion.

Selling more than the product

McDonald’s “Roasted for sleep-proof meetings”

How does the ad creative a positive brand identity for McDonald’s?mcdonald-s-premium-roast-coffee-meeting

Old Spice: “There’s a man in there”

How does the ad use media language to catch the attention of a male audience?old-spice-swagger-rockerUp for discussion: Choose one text and address the question linked with it. Note that clicking on the post will redirect you to image page where you can zoom in, if you need to.